How I Handle Writers Block

Ugh, writer block. Those words just stress me out. It makes it so hard to get anything done with my writings because I can’t think of anything! This is how I get through my writers block so I can continue my writing!


One thing that helps me get through my writers block is reading. I usually read wWriters Blockhen I’m stuck on giving vivid descriptions. Using other writers descriptions of people and places as an exam
ple helps me think of my own descriptions for things. I do NOT; however, copy what the writer is saying. I just read how they describe something and think: How can I describe what I’m writing about in a similar way?



You’re probably thinking, “I have writers block, why would I write?” I know, weird. But, this actually helps me. Usually I’m working on more than one project so when I’m stuck on an original story I start writing fan fiction or other stories. For example, I have a collection of 100 word stories that I like to write. I hand write them and keep them in a journal. It helps take my mind off my projects that I have writers block for and gets my creativity flowing.



Sometimes I get writers block because I thought I knew a lot about a topic but really didn’t, so I like to research some things I’m not too sure about. Its good to use several different websites as reference. For example, I needed to explain the parts of a ship, but I’m not someone who knows the vocabulary for one. So, I looked up a diagram that explained what each part of the ship was. I also used it as reference to describe how large the ship was, how fast it went, and other helpful factor.

Have Fun

Writers block is a good opportunity to relax. Have some fun with family or friends. Watch a movie. Go out somewhere. Take a walk. ┬áDon’t stress too much about your writing. Sometimes, overthinking things can cause writers block. I learned that taking some time for myself gives my brain the break it needs to recharge.






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