How I Stay Organized for College Classes

With a new semester starting it can be hard to get organized.  I am currently in college and I know for me it’s hard to make sure I have everything scheduled and planned for the week or the month. Here is my easy method to keeping my classes organized.

1. Syllabus

Ugh, syllabus’ are pretty annoying but professors aren’t lying when they say they’ll help you with the class. Now with that being said you don’t have to read every single little detail on the syllabus. Here are some key things to look for.

  • Contact Info–Just incase there is an emergency or you need to contact the teacher, read it carefully since some teachers have times you can call or email them. I’ve had teachers that just want me emailing them and only if its an absolute emergency.
  • Points–Most syllabus’ have their point system throughly laid out. For example there are a total of 5 exams and they’re worth 30 percent of your grade. This is important because you can keep track of your grade with your score on assignments.
  • Calendar– This is probably the most important factor (unless it’s missing from your syllabus) because this keeps me the most organized.  The calendar tells me when every assignment is due and I use this to my advantage.

2. Planner

I cannot stress how important it is that you have a planner. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just make sure that it’s big enough for you to write important things each day. Now, that I have a planner and my syllabus, I look at all my due dates and write them into my planner.

I usually use a different color pen, highlighter, or marker for each class. So, for example, I would use a blue pen for biology, a green one for math, a red one for english, etc. I fill it in, first on the calendar section and then on the daily section.


3. Notebooks

One tip that I think keeps everything together for me is getting a separate notebook for each class. I like to get different colors or designs so I know which notebook goes to each class. Usually, I find really cute notebooks like these ones:

Which you can buy here:

With these notebooks, I make sure to take really good notes from lecture slide or even one or two key points from each heading in a chapter. That way I have a good foundation for studying, and I can always use the notes for reference for any essays or discussions that I may have in class.


There are many more ways that I stay organized, but these three aspects are the most important to me. For all those taking coclasses, good luck!



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