Shaving your Face? Is it Worth it?

I’ve noticed lately that one of the big topics going around is women shaving their face. And the popular question is if you should do it. I’ve seen countless of people asking, people trying, and the result always being different. So, should you shave your face?

So, my answer is: if you want to!

Of course, if you do it there are some things you should know.

First, and foremost, don’t use a razor that you use to shave your legs. It’s made for your legs–not your face. They make special razors for your face!

tinkle face razor

I shave my face and I use this brand called Tinkle. They’re inexpensive and easy to use.

If you want to buy Tinkle you can do so here:

My experience:

I was really hesitant about shaving my face, I was terrified that if I did so my hair would grow back darker and I’d look like a hairy faced women. So after doing research, I finally shaved my face and was so happy with the result.

My skin was baby smooth, and after making sure I moisturized my face with lotion. I was pleased with the result. My make up went on smooth, my complexion looked wonderful, and I actually broke out less.

I was still a little worried that the hair on my face would grow back weird, but I’m happy to report that it didn’t and sometimes I don’t notice when the hair starts to grow back unless I feel that peach fuzz on my face.

All I can say is if you’re curious about shaving your face go ahead and give it a try, and if you have no desire to then don’t feel pressured to do so.

Everyone’s skin is different, and what might be good for me, might not be good for someone else.

Let me know if you shaved your face and how it went for you! I’ve heard a mixture of positive and negative things, but I’ve noticed a common trend of people doing it wrong like using a razor made for your legs.

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