My Top Favorite Websites to Rent Textbooks for College

If you’re like me and in college then you know that textbooks can be wicked expensive. I’m always trying to find the best deals for textbooks and I tend to rent them rather than buy them since it’s just so much cheaper.

Here is my go-to websites to rent (and occasionally buy) textbooks.


This is the first website I check.I love this website because it’s super simple to find your book and while I wait for it most of the book offer a free 7 day ebook. Plus, they always throw in some free samples and sometimes even gift cards. I once got a 20 dollar shutter fly gift card!

Want to rent a book from check click here.


If you’re not looking to rent textbooks but still looking for a deal, I suggest this website. It’s full of books: novels, childrens, historical, and textbooks. I use this website to buy manga (ya know those Japanese comic books) and other novels. I’ve bought a few textbooks from here as well.

Thrift books link here

Valore Books

If Chegg fails to have the book I’m looking for (which is rare) or I think that I can get it cheaper elsewhere, Valore Books is usually where I find it. It’s kinda like Chegg except without the free samples, but I’ve spent 15 dollars for a book that was 50 dollars to rent other places.

Valore Books link here


This is another one of my favorites to check. They offer really great deals through Amazon. Since I am a student, I signed up for Amazon prime which is 45 dollars a year if you have a student email. So, I get all my textbooks (and anything else I order) in two days which is really nice because I know I don’t have to wait a week for my books to arrive.

Link to Amazon here







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